Halloween should be a great night for all ages. Remember to exercise a little extra caution to help reduce some of these common risks and dangers.

Spooky Situations. Tips to Stay Safe This Halloween. RBC Insurance

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Spooky Situations – Tips to Stay Safe This Halloween

  • While collecting as much candy as possible, always be sure to trick-or-treat safely by staying with a group and crossing at crosswalks.
  • +50% increase of traffic collisions with pedestrians on Halloween.
  • 54% of all criminal activities reported on Halloween are violations against property.
  • Since you’ll be opening your door all night for ghouls and goblins, it’s a good idea to keep your valuables out of plain sight.
  • Check your kids’ bags of candy for opened packaging or potential allergic reaction triggers before they dive in.
  • If your children are heading out trick-or-treating, set some boundaries with them and discuss when they should be home.
  • 25% increase of car accidents on Halloween versus an average day.
  • +4.5% spike in criminal incidents on Halloween night.
  • Be sure to strike a balance between spooky and safe by keeping your walkways reasonably well lit. After all, the most common minor injuries on Halloween come from trips and falls, not genuine fright.
  • Park in your garage or somewhere indoors if possible, or in well-lit areas because cars are twice as likely to get vandalized on Halloween.
  • Drive the speed limit and slow down in residential neighbourhoods.

Halloween should be a great night for all ages. Follow these tips to stay safe while you’re out and about, and remember that the most important thing is staying alert.


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