The most important thing when hosting a New Year's Eve party is having fun. Try incorporating these tips to help you reduce stress as you plan and help save yourself time and money along the way.

The holidays can be exhausting. You want to enjoy your New Year’s Eve party, rather than just survive it. Here are six easy tips to take the stress out of hosting while saving you time and money:


New Year’s Eve might not be the right time to try out that complicated Beef Wellington recipe you saw in the ‘Joy of Cooking.’ Save yourself the stress by keeping the food simple.

Cost Saver: Start the festivities later in the evening so you can skip the dinner menu and set out easy appetizers instead. Or, why not ask your guests to bring a dish of their own; a potluck is sure to have lots of variety.

Time Saver:Have someone else make the meal. Whether you get the event catered or order in from a local grocer, having ready-to-eat options that you don’t have to spend hours cooking yourself is a great time saver. Many stores now deliver groceries for free if you spend over a certain amount, or for as little as $10.


You don’t want your guests to go thirsty, and you’re worried the items you picked up may not be enough or may not satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Cost and Time Saver: Opt for BYOB, ‘Bring Your Own Bottle ‘ to reduce your costs. Everyone will bring what they like best and you don’t have to worry about disappointing. You can still provide a few non-alcoholic options like juice, pop and water, plus some bubbly for the midnight toast!

Make sure that everyone drinking has a designated driver to ensure they get home safely. If they don’t, have a list of cab numbers or car services like Uber and Lyft ready.


Recycle your empty wine bottles by spraying them gold and silver to use as balloon weights, candleholders or flower vases.

Time to make your home look festive; not just picture perfect, but Instagram-worthy.

Cost Saver: With New Year’s Eve falling just days after Christmas, start by leaving your lights up for some extra décor. Then, recycle your empty wine bottles by spraying them gold and silver to use as balloon weights, candleholders or flower vases. Next, make a quick trip to your local dollar store for streamers, balloons, noisemakers and hats.

Time Saver:Want more refined decorations without the stress of DIY? Plan early and get your décor delivered from Etsy or so you don’t have to run around searching for the cutest decorations.

Whether you’re looking to save on time or money, remember everyone loves a good photo booth for New Year’s Eve, so scrounge up some accessories and set up a backdrop for some easy fun.


What’s New Year’s Eve without some music?!

Cost Saver: You can easily find New Year’s Eve playlists on your favourite music app like Spotify or Apple Music. These apps allow your guests to add their favourite requests to a queue throughout the night, which can be fun. You could also try simply compiling your own list on YouTube.

Time Saver: Hire a DJ. Whether you get a professional or just your cousin’s son who played his first wedding last summer, letting someone else worry about the tunes is never a bad idea.

Streamline the Clean-Up

Parties are fun, but having to clean before and after isn’t. Don’t let that stop you from having a good time.

Cost Saver:Get your besties to come over on the day of the party to help you get ready. Bribe them with treats or even breakfast the next day, if they’re willing to stay over.

Time Saver:The pre-party prep can get hectic, so why not hire cleaners to come beforehand so your place is spotless and ready for your guests? Just make sure to discuss the company’s holiday schedules in advance.

Have a Good Time

Remember the most important thing when hosting a New Year’s Eve party is having fun. Write a quick planning checklist ahead of time to make setting up as painless as possible, and be sure to include some of these ideas!

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