Are you a thrill-seeker? A tranquil traveller? Take this quiz to find out.

The Not-Lost Wanderlust

You’re laid-back and go with the flow, and it’s no different on the road. Map? What’s a map? Stumbling upon hidden gems and best-kept-secrets is your favourite part of discovering a new place. You’re not afraid to take some risks and you’re “definitely not lost”. Keep your wits about you and remember to check-in with a friend so someone knows where you are.

With the right travel insurance, you can wander freely knowing you’ve got the coverage you need. Especially if you plan on venturing outside of your comfort zone.

The Stick-To-The-Scheduler

Wake up at 8am. Showered and ready to explore by 8:20am. Finish breakfast by 9. Museum 1 until 11am. Coffee break. Museum 2. Walking tour. Dinner at 5. Tapas at 7. Fireworks at 9. Everything about your trip is regimented and planned right down to the minute. Your travel companion isn’t the definition of punctual? Try scheduling optional activities.

Even the most diligent travellers need to plan for the unexpected. That’s what travel insurance is for. Compare packages to find out which plan works best for you.

The Thrill-Seeking Adventurist

You live for the thrill of new experiences. Wind surfing, eating mystery street food, or exploring a city by go-kart, you’re all in because if you don’t, did you really go? You’ve made a list of things to do and places to visit, but you’re also open to making friends and letting locals show you the way. Traveling to a foreign country? Try using an app like Duolingo to pick up a few basic phrases or words in case you come across locals who don’t speak English.

Thrills and adventures can be a ton of fun, but accidents are not. Don’t let a mishap ruin your getaway. Make sure you have travel insurance for activities and new experiences you have planned.

The Tranquil Traveller

Is there anything better than laying by the pool with a good book in one hand, and a beverage in the other? Nope. Beach or not, you believe vacations are a meant to be an escape from the hectic schedules of your regular day-to-day. Sleeping in, unhurried meals, museum visits, and evening strolls is your idea of a perfect getaway. Book your show tickets and reservations ahead of your trip so you don’t miss out on must-do stops while you’re away.

Even if you’re having the most chill time, there’s no telling what can happen while you’re away. That’s what travel insurance is for. Compare packages to find out which plan works best for you.


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