Travel insurance can provide you with protection from the unexpected.

Flying off for business, first time surfing or exploring an amusement park? A trip on the sidewalk, a jellyfish sting or a major weather event could force you to make some changes, cover medical bills, or even cancel. Travel insurance can help with all of that.

You’re more likely to need travel insurance than you think.

  • Life is unpredictable, illnesses and accidents happen and medical costs can be expensive.
  • A world event or unpredictable weather could cause your trip to be cancelled or interrupted.
  • Canadian provincial health plans only cover a limited amount in case of an emergency.

Help protect yourself and your trip by getting a plan that also covers trip cancellation and interruption costs.

Did you know when travelling to another province in Canada, your provincial health care plan may not cover you for prescriptions, land/air ambulance and other costs?

Your family might not be covered.

Read through your Canadian travel insurance policy and its exclusions to ensure your family is covered.

  • Many travel insurance plans are exclusively for one traveller.
  • Some travel insurance plans may only cover your children if they are under a certain age, and some have a narrow definition of “family”.

Did you know you can automatically get family plan pricing with travel insurance from RBC Insurance?

You might not be completely covered by your benefits plan or credit card.

Make sure you check your existing travel insurance. Additional travel insurance may be needed – especially if you have a pre-existing condition or if you want to ensure your entire trip is covered.

  • Credit cards typically have more limited coverage than standalone travel insurance.
  • Your workplace benefit plan may not cover all types of emergencies.
  • Many workplace benefit plans don’t cover trip interruption or trip cancellation costs.

Make sure you have travel insurance before you leave because it is worth it. Learn more and get a quote for travel insurance today.


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