The good news: You've arrived at your designation for your much-needed trip. You packed perfectly planned outfits with coordinated accessories for every day. The bad news: Because of any number of wayward luggage scenarios, you arrived at your destination without a thing to wear.

Avoid a potential worst-case scenario with these packing tips from the pros.

Keep Calm and Carry-On

Upgrading to a larger carry-on bag could be worthwhile if it means keeping your valuables and must-have medications with you at all times. It’s also a good idea to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste, a small deodorant and even some dry shampoo in your carry-on. You might want to consider bringing a change of socks and underwear, as well. Check your airline’s carry-on guidelines to be sure your bag is an allowable size, and that everything is allowable under the airport liquid and gel restrictions.

All Work and No Play…

Whether you’re traveling for fun or work, arriving without the right chargers or accessories for your phone, computer or camera could mean a stressful start. Keep any must-have tech and all the necessary cords with you while you travel.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or more well versed it’s always a good reminder to not pack your wallet in your checked luggage. Of course, it’s still possible to lose your ID while traveling. That’s why it’s worthwhile carrying photocopies of your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, health card and insurance info if you need to replace them while traveling.

Hope for the Best… But Prepare for the Worst

While it might be tempting to mimic those travelers who board the plane with no carry-on while wearing shorts and a tank top, it’s probably not the smartest move. Layering your travel clothes can cut down on what you’ll need to pack, as well as help with temperature regulation.

Shipping For The Win

If you are travelling over the holidays, consider shipping the gift to your destination ahead of time. You’ll score points for thoughtfulness — and prevent yourself from spending your quality bonding time on hold with the airline.

All’s Well That Ends Well

When it comes to travel, it’s best to remember that everything may not go according to plan. Sometimes these can be happy accidents, like stumbling across a romantic restaurant off the beaten path, but on the flip side, there’s always the chance things will go wrong, such as when your luggage is lost or damaged. Travel insurance can help if you need to replace your lost items, whether in the short-term or permanently, and could be one of your best travel investments.

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